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Cardiff Attractions

Once a roman fort, now a vibrant city, the history of Cardiff remains central to what this city is all about with so much to do and explore!

The City of Arcades!

The stunning landscape surrounding Cardiff makes it the perfect destination for cyclists, walkers and lovers of water sports, all out in the open. Cardiff is home to an abundance of historical houses and castles. Cardiff Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wales and for good reason.

Best of Cardiff

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Cardiff Castle has much to set it apart, from the incredible Arab Room to the Animal Wall, which consists of a row of stone animal sculptures.  One upon a time the castle used to have live peacocks roaming its grounds!

Note: Tickets are competitive too, and if you are attending, ensure you book your tickets well in advance. 

Food & Drink:

In the past couple of years, Cardiff’s food scene has undergone a quiet revolution. Across the city, independent and fine dining establishments are improving the foodie fortunes of both its inhabitants and visitors. 


*The National Museum of History is the number one go-to destination for Welsh culture, architecture, history and traditions. Rather than a staid, echoey building, this is an open-air museum spread over acres of parkland in the grounds of St Fagans Castle, an Elizabethan manor house. It’s often called St Fagans because of the village St Fagans where it is found. Along with the 40-plus historical or imitation buildings, there is a farm, a pottery where you can have a go yourself, beautiful gardens, events, old fashioned shops and more.


Welknown for the amount of hen dos and stag parties it attracts, the city is a great place for a lively night out – whatever you’re into.  Welsh pubs are notoriously lively, with live music, craft ales and friendly locals. And there are loads of clubs where you can dance to the music you like and generally have a whale of a time!